Use Google Calendar with Thunderbird


in this post it will be explained how you can use Google Calendar with Thunderbird. We do not use the “Provider for Google Calendar” plugin, which is often mentioned because it has some disadvantages.

The first thing to do is install Google Lightning which should be easy to accomplish.

Secondly, we should create a new calendar in Thunderbird and use “network” as well as “CalDAV”. Now, the tricky thing is the URL because you can not easily get it from your Google account online. There are some links but they cannot be used directly.

Well, the URL starts with:

After that, we have to give the Google Calendar ID. If you have some main calendar, you can just enter your e-mail address. However, this will only work for one calendar. Instead, you can login to your Google, select your calendar and get to “Calendar details”. There, you can export an URL at “ICAL” and “private address”, for example. The exact link does not matter. It will look like:

The only important thing that matters in this link is:

%40 equals @.

Now, we have to add this URL to our https URL in Google Calendar and append /events. The resulting URL is:

Finally, we can hit enter, give the calendar a name and a color and assign it to an e-mail address. The nice part about this form of calendar integration is that we can accept appointments and automatically integrate them with the calendars. The way to get there is not very short, however, so hopefully this blog entry helps you.

All the best,